Bespoke Sideboards And Dressers

The word dresser comes from the Norman French dressoir. This originally referring to a sideboard or side table upon which food could be dressed prior to serving. During the 17th century as affluence spread pewter and English delftware (tin glazed pottery) became attainable for greater numbers of people. There thus became a need to display such wares, leading to the natural development of shelves above sideboards; dishes etc were thus close at hand when preparing food.

Early dressers consisted of side tables with drawers beneath.

The sideboards and dressers shown here will hopefully provide inspiration for your own commission. Please feel free to provide designs to match your own taste of sideboards and dressers as each piece is individually crafted using the finest materials.

For a personalised quote for hand made, bespoke sideboards and dressers, please contact me.