Bespoke Tables And Chairs

However good the food might be if the chairs and table are of the wrong proportions the meal will be the poorer.

There are no hard and fast rules with regard to sizes only guides. I would always suggest trying a variety of table and chair heights to arrive at your preferred sitting position. Generally a height of nineteen inches for a chair and twenty nine for a dining table would be appropriate.

Mortise and tenon joints are the earliest joint found on good quality tables and chairs, these provide great strength and longevity.

Because tables and chairs endure a great deal of use consideration should be given to finishes. Traditional oil finishes together with modern high quality acid catalyst lacquers will ensure your table and chairs continue to look good for many years.

With nearly all of the tables and chairs shown customers have an initial design idea that is honed to give the finished product. Hopefully inspiration can be drawn from the examples shown to assist one in the choice and execution of their own design.

For a personalised quote for hand made, bespoke tables and chairs, please contact me.